Creative Know How Competencies – A Student’s Step to Success in the Corporate World

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Anto Juliet Mary M


The need for a well-defined skill set in today’s evolving world is on the rise. Colleges, schools, and other training camps play an important role in the development of skills to make them corporate ready and meet the emerging needs of business, industry, and educational institutions. The focus is on the result and usually ignores the process of making the student corporate ready. To be able to assess the process, one needs to know more about the abilities, skills, and strategies. What behavior is to be promoted and what are the signs of progression to be identified? (Björklund 2008). The Curriculum to suit the requirement that is contemporary in content and current in context is the need of the hour. Skills imparted to the undergraduate students need to sharpen their instincts, intuition, imagination, inquisitiveness, initiative, and intellect leading to newer insights. These Skills sets and competencies possessed help them to bridge the gap between foresight and hindsight which in turn improvises efficiency and effectiveness in the work environment. Traditional pedagogy employed involves case studies, role plays, group assignments and analyses, applied learning projects interspersed with lecture sessions of theory and practices. These traditional methodologies are tested and widely used however there is a shortfall of programs that are collaborative inducing cooperative learning, co-created and co working in a symbiotic manner that leverages collective wisdom. To add to this the Skill ecosystem in the institutional and educational setup is in the transition phase, hence we must take incremental steps.

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