Effect of Positive Thinking on Covid-19 Patient Healing

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R. Rudi Alhempi, Irma Salamah, Elvi Lastriani


Even though there has not been found a specific vaccine to fight the corona 19 virus, there is still hope for recovery from this virus. This study aims to see the relationship of positive thinking to the recovery of positive patients with Covid 19. This research is a type of survey research classified into associative research, namely research that looks for the relationship between two variables using the product moment correlation equation. The population and sample of this study were SIP students of Class 49 Wira Adhibrata Sanskara Sukabumi, West Java with a total sample of 124 students who were positively exposed to Covid-19, who were the Dharma Hartono Battalion. The results of the analysis show that there is a relationship between a positive attitude and the recovery of a positive patient with Covid 19. The direction of the correlation is negative, which indicates that the length of healing is negatively correlated with openness. The higher a person's open attitude, the less time it takes to heal (the faster). Based on the results of this study, the authors also recommend five steps that can be taken in order to help accelerate the healing of Covid 19 positive patients, namely by 1) providing guidance and counseling (Intensive Guidance and Counseling), 2) providing adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients (Providing Vitamin and Nutritious Food), 3) doing regular exercise (Regular Exercise Implementation), 4) implementing a healthy rest pattern (Sufficient Rest Time), and 5) providing training in relaxation techniques and breathing exercises (Relaxation Technique and Respiratory Training).

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