An Empirical Study of Destitute Female Sex Workers of Pune’s Red-Lightarea

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DrLeitutent Yashodhan Prakash Mahajan


Prostitution which is lone sexual trade is an emblematic marvel in India anyway we from cutting edge piece of the advancement don't stop briefly to hinder the legal presence from connecting with this trade; in truth it will be difficult to set up to give it a legitimate standing. Notwithstanding, a significant part of the time the hon'ble supreme court of India has talk the insight that this calling ought to be legitimized in India. The worldwide pronouncement of human rights, 1948 states that "all men are brought into the world free and are comparatively equipped for have their essential basic liberties." this investigation study analyses the current circumstance and authorizing of prostitution and in its impact on the existence of the women abiding in red light zone in Pune city. Everyday environments in Budhwar Peth is repulsive for place with a bad reputation based and street base sex workers. They have modest admittance to essential necessities of life, for instance, sustenance, cover, clothing, tidiness. Budhwar Peth is the most settled and smallest and by and large obnoxious, red-light zone from Pune city. It is alienated into ways, and each way is teeming with little cabins, tea eases back down, shops, lodges, recycled stores, eating joints, and whorehouses. The whorehouses have little rooms, indiscernible from one another by metallic window hangings, which are rented to sex workers on an hourly reason. Over portion of sex workers in Budhwar Peth are dejected. They live in the city, on the walkways and black-tops. This investigation was an emotional report on the necessities, challenge and issues of female sex workers (FSWs) from the Budhwar Peth red-light domain.

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