Detection and Identification of Plant Growth Promotion Using Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

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Tejaswini Koruvada, Dr. P. Rajasulochana


Different types of microbes promote plant growth and there are different products which stimulate plant growth and development. There are some specialized microbes which are called as plant growth promoting bacteria called as Rhizobacteria. These are the soil bacteria. There are few free-livingmicroorganisms in the soil which have the capacity to produce enzymes like phosphatase. Phosphatase enzyme is able to break down organic phosphate into inorganic phosphate which is used to produce high phosphorous to the plants. There are few bacteria which are named as phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) whose main action is to breakdown both organic phosphate as well as inorganic phosphate into simple form of phosphorous which can be taken up by the plants very easily. The present study is conducted in order to check the potential of phosphate enzyme in plant growth promotion. The screening of the phosphatase enzyme is done by the preparation of Pikovskayas broth medium because phosphorous helps stimulation of root development, improve flower production and seed formation as well as improvement in crop quality. Hence in this present study we see about different aspects like collection of the soil, preparation of Pikovskayas broth medium in a sterilized condition, screening of phosphatase enzyme and the potrail study of the plants like by calculating the length of the root as wells shoot length and also the length of the whole plant and the weight of the whole plant in a comparative mode.

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