Role of Nutraceuticals from an Orthodontic Perspective - A Review

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Dr. Crystal Runa Soans, Dr. Joseph Sebastian, Dr. Gauri Gill, Dr. Shalin Shersha, Dr. Rahila Mansoor, Dr. Shilpa Mailankote


With the everyday rising standards of beauty, cosmetic surgeries as well as dentistry are gaining immense popularity. Orthodontic treatment being one of the most common procedures to improve smile esthetics has seen a rising demand not only in adolescents but in adults as well. Adults with their oral and periodontal diseases present as a new challenge. Orthodontic treatment creates physiologic and psychological stresses which levy additional requirements already hiked by the stresses, activities and growth of the adolescent and young adult life. Most of the adults nowadays are aware of the side effects of prolonged use of medication/pharmaceutical drugs. Nutraceuticals are plant derived food and their derivatives that have preventive as well as therapeutic effects. They can be used to speed up the orthodontic movement without any adverse effects as well as prevent relapse and bone or root resorption, and improve overall oral health. The aim of this review is to provide the latest and thoughtful perspective on the relationship of nutraceuticals with various aspects of orthodontic tooth movement and related quality of life to help in obtaining a modern diagnostic–therapeutic approach.

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