Smart Healthcare System Using Artificial Intelligence

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Sudha.K, Praveena.M, Ranjani.R, Sree Varshini.A


In this day and age there are a large number of infections with different side effects for each, no human can think pretty much these sicknesses and the therapies related with them. Along these lines, the issue is that there isn't where anybody can have the subtleties of the illnesses or the meds/medicines. Consider the possibility that there is where you can discover your medical issue just by entering manifestations or the current state of the individual. It will assist us with concluding the issue and to confirm the arrangement. The proposed thought is to make a framework with man-made consciousness that can meet these prerequisites. The AI can group the sicknesses dependent on the side effects and give the rundown of accessible therapies. The System is a book to-message determination visit bot that will draw in patients in discussion with their clinical issues and gives a customized finding dependent on their indications and profile. Subsequently individuals can have a thought regarding their wellbeing and can make the correct move.

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