A Perspective Study and Remarks of Solar Energy System in India

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T. R. Palleswari Yalla, R. Vanitha


The fact that electricity generation and energy consumption are the key assessment of countries' development, there is constantly a link between the availability of energy resources and the growth in the economic dimension of a country. Besides, the way of life of an individual relies upon the per capita energy utilization. Thinking about India’s desire to make sure the energy security, sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal and biomass contributes significant job in the energy blend of the nation. The advancement in power generation began in the later 19th century and many power stations have been charged by the ministry of power (MoP) with the association of central electricity authority (CEA) after independence.  At present, 65 % to 70 % of global energy requirements are satisfied by the thermal power plants which enhance the demand on fossil fuels and thereby impacting the ecological corruption through the emission of green house gases. Sun powered new energy has been recognized as one of the key sustainable sources to replace the conventional fossil fuel generation and decrease the carbon impression in India. Indian government has initiated the establishment of 100 GW on-grid and off-grid solar power plants by 2022 under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), trusting the huge available potential across the country. Accomplishing this task is a great deal of challenge for the community. In this proposed study, authors surveyed the economy of solar energy potential, technological advancements and capacity inclusion in India comparing the global existence. Also this paper is organized in an approach to declare the necessities, accessible source, present situation, challenges and opportunities, targets of the solar energy sources in India.

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