COVID-19 Indoor Safety Monitoring System

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T. Happila, J. Jemshad, C. Sambathkumar, S. A. Syed Abbas, V. Vasanth


This proposed methodology aims at creating an integrated system that performs automatic hand sanitation for cleansing number of persons entered the monitoring area and temperature detection for prevention and identification of infections respectively. During the pandemic time of covid-19 it essential to monitor the crowd followed by temperature detection of each person. This methodology is smart way of treating covid-19 affected person with less human intervention. These actions will be conducted in an organised environment which maintains the required distance between two individuals to avoid infections. We centre on most normal indoor measures - individuals with high internal heat level should remain Stay at home, it is necessary to wear a mask and the distance between people ought to be 1.5-2meters apart. Here the proposed system is based on Arduino nano micro-controller board with contact less Temperature sensors and ultrasonic sensors for effective monitoring of Covid affected person where gadgets used are of small size and can be easily implemented.

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T. Happila, J. Jemshad, C. Sambathkumar, S. A. Syed Abbas, V. Vasanth. (2021). COVID-19 Indoor Safety Monitoring System. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 235–244. Retrieved from