In-Vitrostudies on Antiproliferative Effect of Euphorbiahirta L Leaves

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Dr. M. Vijayapriya, Dr. S. Mahalakshmi, C. Ruth Christiya


Medicinal plants are a significant part of natural wealth. They serve as vital therapeutic agents as well as valuable raw materials for manufacturing numerous traditional and modern medicines. The use of herbal products by the majority is primarily based on the belief that herbal drugs are safe, without any side effects, accessible and available at minimal cost. However, there is need for quality assurance of the botanicals in these products in order to meet the demands of product quality and efficacy.  The present investigation focuson screening of phytochemicals, UV-VIS analysis, and antiproliferative effect of Euphorbia hirta L leaves extracts to explore a better understanding of its pharmacological claims. The result reveals that the alkaloid, flavanoid, Phenols, steroids, saponins, carbohydrate and terpenoids were present in the leaf extracts. The results obtained from antioxidant profile of Euphorbia hirta L indicated that the aqueous leaf extracts exhibited significantly highest radical scavenging activity in concentration dependent manner which was compared with standard ascorbic acid.The UV-VIS profile showed different peaks ranging from 300-900nm with different absorption respectively. TheUV-VIS spectrum analysis of Euphorbia hirta L showed the presence of phenolic compounds and flavonoids which may offer great pharmacological values. The methanolic extract of plant exhibited significant dose dependent antiproliferative activity against MG63 cell line which was ranged between 89.43% and 20.63% at concentrations of 50 µg/ml and 350 µg/ml correspondingly (24 hours). Moreover, the plant found to decrease the cell viability in dose dependent manner. The results confirm the fact that this plant posses’ important bioactive constituents whichmay responsible for various pharmacological activities.

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Dr. M. Vijayapriya, Dr. S. Mahalakshmi, C. Ruth Christiya. (2021). In-Vitrostudies on Antiproliferative Effect of Euphorbiahirta L Leaves. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 11111–11126. Retrieved from