Child Monitoring and Safety System Using Wsn and Iot Technology

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P.Poonkuzhlai,R.Aarthi,Yaazhini.V.M, Yuvashri.S, Vidhyalakshmi.G


This paper presents the design and implementation of a portable IOT-based safety and health monitoring system for children through a sensor embedded health monitoring device for safety and emergency services. It is known that the technological advancements are increasing at a faster pace. But the utilization of technologies in various sectors is very low. We know that people of different age group faces different difficulties. But the security for children’s is very low. There is lot of cases registered regarding child safety.

 Nowadays, the schools and the parents are very much worried about their school children’s for school transport and other places. So, the safety and monitoring the school children is very much difficult. In this project we are introducing the IOT based embedded system is used in this project. So we propose a system to continuously monitor the parameters of the child and also their location for safety purpose. The system provides smart child tracking and monitoring system.

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P.Poonkuzhlai,R.Aarthi,Yaazhini.V.M, Yuvashri.S, Vidhyalakshmi.G. (2021). Child Monitoring and Safety System Using Wsn and Iot Technology. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 10839–10847. Retrieved from