The Effect of Merle’s Model in Learning to Shoot High with Handball for Students

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HadeerAqeel Abdul Karim, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Ali Al-Saadawi


The study consisted of five chapters that contained the first chapter, an introduction to the research and its importance, which was talking about scientific development, with knowledge of science in continuous growth, which makes it imperative for those interested in teaching methods to keep pace with that. Scientific development and achieving its goals by following modern methods, methods and models. The research problem was summarized in the non-use of modern methods, methods and models to keep pace with recent developments, as well as all of that does not take into account the diverse learning and thinking patterns of students. The aim of the current research to prepare an educational curriculum study is to contribute to the definition of a school subject with modern educational soccer hand models. Access to specialized education and physical preparation units. Merl learning model for learning m. Performing the skill of correcting high roller jumping for students of the College of Education Physical Sciences and Sports, which may arise through Development of the teaching methods currently used. The research hypothesis was that there are statistically significant differences between the results of the pre-tests and the dimensions in the development of skills to correct the hand of the high jump ball for both the experimental and control groups in favor of the experimental group. The second semester (theoretical studies) and all related activities included Bonmozj m Wirral. The third chapter was included on (the field of research and methodological procedures), where the researcher dealt with the method of using the experimental groups method of equal type, as the research sample represented students of the second stage of the College of Education, Physical Sciences and Sports - University of the year Al Qar (20 20-20 21) The methods and tools used in the research are covered, in addition to the scope of the procedures being searched, while the included fourth chapter clarifies the results, analyzes and discusses them, including presenting the results of the pre-tests and the dimensions. From the control and experimental groups, the skill of correction is to jump high in handball and discuss it. The study was concluded in the fifth chapter of the conclusions and recommendations that the sport reached to the proposed curriculum of Merle, a positive effect in learning a mahr from correcting the high jump on the hand of the playing field for students. This model gives the learner an opportunity to reflect and analyze and thus reinforce his dominant thinking style. The researcher recommended the possibility of benefiting through attention by using this model in learning and encouragement based on the educational process in the field of sports and moving away from established methods that may cause boredom. 

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