Stress Level among Nurses during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Ms. Anjali Ashok Ambulkar, Dr. S G Joshi, Mrs. Manisha Mistry


Background: Covid-19 is strongly associated with stress. It has affected the general population where Nurses are no different. Nurses who have managed the patients 24/7 have undergone tremendous stress, as they have to be away from their families and loved ones. This has also created a panic situation among the healthcare professionals. Aim:In this study to find out the level of stress among nurses in selected hospitals of Pune city.Materials and Methods: The researcher has used a Quantitative approach and a non-experimental descriptive research design was used. A sample size of 15 nurses was selected using purposive sampling technique and who gave their consent to participate in the current study. In current study, Modified COVID-19 stress scale was used.Results:  In this study, 66.7% of them were female nurses and 33.3% of them were male nurses participated. 86.7% of the nurses had age 20-25 years and 13.3% of them had age 26-30 years. 60% of them were from emergency department, 6.7% of them were from ICU, 6.7% of them were from COVID ward and 26.7% of them were from other wards. 13.3% of the nurses had mild stress (Score 50-116), 80% of them had moderate stress (Score 117-183) and 6.7% of them had severe stress (score 184-250) during COVID 19 pandemic.Conclusion: The study gives a direction that we need to explore the factors that have led to this stress and use methods to reduce or manage them efficiently. The nurses from selected hospitalshad moderate level of stress. This still gives an insight that measures are necessary to curb the factors that cause stress among the Nurses and help them have a stress free life.

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