A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Perception Regarding Covid-19 among Adults of Pune City

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Miss Rajshri chhetri, Dr.Sharadha Ramesh, Mrs. Tejashri Ligade


Widespread Covid-19 has generated universally with its high transmission rate.it is acommunicable disease caused by newly discovered coronavirus.as per the update of January 22, 2021 total numbers of infectious cases are 10,640,464 and death 153,218.  Though the drugs and vaccines are introduced but still some side effect are seen,  the only alternative  is to crack  the bond  of transmission of disease by impairing the awareness  with formulation of informative  booklet which will help to grow the positive perception of people about the possibility and precaution to be taken for Covid-19.Hence goal of this study was to evaluate  the knowledge and perception regarding Covid-19 among the adults, to correlate the knowledge and perception , to discover the association among knowledge and perception.

Methodology: Quantitative approach with non- Experimental Descriptive Research Approach was used 100 adults between age (21-60) years were selected by using Non-probability purposive Sampling Techniques. Datawere gathered through Self-structured Questionnaire for assessing the knowledge and perception.

Result: Pearson’s correlation coefficient test was adopted toknow theassociation of knowledge and perception with demographical variables. Pearson correlation value is (0.61) which indicates there is pragmatic correlation between knowledge and perception.The mean score of knowledge was (7.18) and perception was 8.09. The p value was (0.00) for knowledge and perception which is less than (0.05).The p value was less than (0.05). This shows that null hypothesis is refused. There is correlation between knowledge and perception and association between knowledge and perception with corresponding variables.

Conclusion: The studies concludethat maximum of the members had moderate knowledge of covid-19 and average perception about covid-19.

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Miss Rajshri chhetri, Dr.Sharadha Ramesh, Mrs. Tejashri Ligade. (2021). A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Perception Regarding Covid-19 among Adults of Pune City. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 10297–10305. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/3790