Energy Aware on demand VM Allocation for a Green Cloud Environment

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Karuppasamy M., Jansi Rani M.


In recent years Cloud Computing attract the people from industry and academic communities.   Cloud Computing provides the storage service, movement of computing elements and software delivery. It delivers the next generation computing infrastructures   hosted by large companies. A Data Center keeps all the computing facilities like routers, servers, switches, and firewalls. The energy utilization and size of the server farms have been expanded because of the cloud data center framework. Typically, high energy utilization prompts high working expense and high fossil fuel emission. High fossil fuel emission isn't a climate benevolent. So this is the significant worry of the cloud environment. This is a major test for research networks.   Allocation of resources in an efficient way is unique of the foremostdifficulties in the cloud computing environment. So, effective resource allocation is required to solve this problem. Here, we proposed the bee’s algorithm for resource allocation problem.

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