Multi-Level Inverter in Harmonic Mtigation using Reduced Number of Switches

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R. Nithya, R.Susmitha, A.Manjula, S.Chitra Devi


This proposed paper deals with demonstrating and imitation of 13 level cascaded Multi-level Inverter (MLI) using less number of controls. The proposed system uses the topology of symmetrical multi-level inverter through separate equivalent DC sources for the control circuit.  The major purpose of this proposed project is to increase the minimum number of levels of output voltage with less harmonic distortion. Optimized Harmonic Stepped Waveform technique is used to eliminate the lower order noises starting the production voltage source. Controlling angles are calculated by using Newton-Raphson method. From this obtained set of values, the firing angle which produces the least output-voltage THD will be chosen. Using these values given to MATLAB software and it’s reducing the harmonics to output voltage side. After reducing the harmonics the results are taken by MATLAB software. The THD is determined by applying Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) investigation. This reduced harmonic noises voltage is used to consumer side and produce continues voltage applications with help of reduced number of controls. This proposed multi-level inverter is used to reduce the total harmonics distortion.

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R. Nithya, R.Susmitha, A.Manjula, S.Chitra Devi. (2021). Multi-Level Inverter in Harmonic Mtigation using Reduced Number of Switches. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 7862 –. Retrieved from