The Corona Virus Vaccine and Risks of Antibody Dependent Enhanced Infections

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Sanaea Hormaz Daruwalla


Do SARS COV vaccines have the ability to sensitize people to antibody-dependent enhanced (ADE) breakthrough infections? The Corona virus disease in humans is lacking in not only the clinical and epidemiological features but also theimmunopathological aspects of an ADE illnessillustrated by dengue viruses (DENV), hence this is highly unlikely. While DENV invades macrophages, SARS and MERS COVID strainsmainlyattack the respiratory epithelium. People of old age and those with co morbidities like diabetes and hypertension are more vulnerable to the serious form of the COVID-19 infection. Neither infants nor individuals with previous coronavirus infections are high risk candidates for the severe form of this disease. Experiments conducted on animals given live SARS or MERS virus vaccines showed vaccine associated hypersensitivity reactions (VAH), much akin to the kindobserved in humans who were injected with the inactivated form measles or RSV vaccines. In order for the SARS COV vaccine to be safe, VAH must be avoided at all costs.

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