Attitude of the Touriststowards Tourism Facilities in Madurai District

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Mrs. N. Kalaivani, Dr. G.Karunanithi


The early history of tourism is the story of the development of mobility of man. Both in the pre-historic era and later, man searched for things he wanted and he travelled for food, shelter or just for curiosity.In a tourism industry, the satisfaction of the tourists are significant as this sector bring more contribute to our national economy. The tourists are satisfied when they have comfortable transportation facility; quality of the food, more tourist places, etc. Hence, an attempt has been made to study the attitude of the respondents towards tourism facilities in Madurai district. The scope of the study is confined to study accommodation, transport facilities and entertainment facilitiesin tourist places in Madurai district.The present study is based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data has been collected randomly from 385 respondents who visited Madurai. The secondary data has been collected from books, journals and websites. The primary data has been analyzed by using percentage analysis and mean score analysis. On the basis of findings of the study, some suggestions have been provided.

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