A Review of the Literature on Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry as a Possible Game Changer

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Dr. Nazargi Mahabob


The need of intelligent software for data collection, storage, analysis and helping in the treatment planning has become an important component as the amount of information and patient data has increased dramatically. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the method of programming that makes the machines with help of computers to think and behave like humans. Artificial intelligence has a variety of uses in medicine and dentistry, ranging from data analysis and identifying relevant information to using neural networks for diagnosis and the use of augmented reality and virtual reality in dental education. Dentistry is undergoing technological changes as well, thanks to artificial intelligence. Dentists in the modern age have never shied away from embracing newer innovations that have promising futures. Artificial intelligence software is assisting dentists in correctly diagnosing cases and treating patients. This technology is assisting in increasing awareness of oral and maxillofacial disorders and risk factors, as well as motivating patients to seek care as soon as possible. The integration of artificial intelligence and digitization has ushered in a new age of dentistry, with highly promising future prospects. The aim of this review is to update and emphasize the importance of artificial intelligence in dentistry.

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