Indian Contribution on Diabetes Type 2 – A Scientometric Analysis

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R. Vivek, Dr. R. Kalidasan


            The study investigated the publications outputs on diabetes type 2 in India contribution. The information was taken from electronic form and analysis using scientometric which was considered to investigate and mapping technique. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disease and chronic condition affects pancreas organ does not release adequately amount of insulin. It has one of the common types of diabetes, in which beta cells does not enough function of glucose regulation. Diabetes type 2 has increased health problem around India in last four decades. The data were collected from ‘Web of Science’ database in which search term used diabetes type 2. The present study objectives were to find top publication output among out of 4898 records totally. The study period designed from 1st January 1989 to 25th March 2021. Collected data were plain text format and their document used in Histcite software also tabulation & classification in Excel sheet. Tables, diagrams and figures illustrated the top results were broadly discussion. The study revealed that records of publication on diabetes type 2 were 136 countries and its top listed by United States of America has huge records. The result shown out of 21533 authors, and ‘Mohan V’ who had huge records items resulted in top on diabetes type 2 publication. The study presently recommended that teachers, research scholar, scientists, academic workers, the health educationist and physical educators should involve in diabetes research activities and their increasable thirsts enhance to increase records production on diabetes type 2.

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