Student-Teacher App using Machine Learning

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Anup Balasaheb Pote, Tarun Verma, Dr. N. Krishnaraj


In today’s world, educational institutions have a task to provide the best education to their students and then to classify them on their basis of understanding they could be divided upon their learning and understanding ability. As the evolution of teaching happens, the whole world has entered the era of digital education. There have been quite a lot of improvements in the educational domain and the pandemic as well has affected the perspective towards the education sector. This has made us realize that a revamp is needed in this sector with the help of digitalization of data for the present and future aspects of students’ learning and performance. The revamp due to COVID–19 has given us some time to analyze how effective the education can be. It has to be in such a format that all the actors in this domain (Student and Teacher) must be aware of their daily activity and no one must be left behind due to no proper analysis of the basic block of education. So, this project of Student-Teacher App using machine learning, includes features such as discussions, notifications on projects and assignments, attendance, and marks. Results reveal that the proposed application will produce improved performance.

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Anup Balasaheb Pote, Tarun Verma, Dr. N. Krishnaraj. (2021). Student-Teacher App using Machine Learning . Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 4145–4155. Retrieved from