Performance Evaluation of Mero Jointed Composite Uhpc Slab Steel Space Frame Structures

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Haitham H. Muteb, Harith Al-Salman


Spaceframe is a structural roofing system that generally made of steel tubes connected together by ball joints which is called MERO jointed space frame structures and mostly used for covering large space area. In addition, some advantages could be obtained with such a system, for example the lower weight, the high strength-to-weight ratio and the low cost. This study aims to use such a known roof structure for a composite structure in which Ultra-High-Performance Concrete slabs are used to withstand various loads as a structural floor system. Various inclinations of the main elements for space frames were tested, namely 30 °, 45 ° and 60 °. The composite effect is accounted for by testing composite and non-composite samples. The test results were evaluated and compared against several performance indices, such as: Ultimate load, stiffness, hardness, ductility, ductility index and absorbed energy. Test results have shown that spaceframe models with an angle of 60 ° have the highest load-carrying capacity compared to other angles and the highest toughness compared to various techniques. Putting together 40mm UHPC slab panels reflected a slight increase in the models used in this study than traditional spaceframe samples. 

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