Ai Based Crop Identification Mobile App

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Surya B., Titu Joachim P., Salomi Samsudeen M.


Everyday new species of plants are being discovered, hence we have taken an approach to tackle the confusion and complications it may bring us when multiple species of plants are discovered. We have taken an approach in creating an AI model to identify crop fields and provide the user with the exact name, origin and basic info about the crop in question. Using this application, one will be able to identify a crop by taking a picture of the cultivation field and successfully determine the crop and learn about its origin, where it can be cultivated optimally and other basic information. This app makes to identify the geo location of crops and helps us to identify a particular crop just by the field view of it. We have developed a prototype using AutoML and TensorFlow lite in the backend. The work has been provided in the offline mode and hence it is user friendly. Android studios has been used in front end. This was the main process that has been done to provide it as an app for the users.

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