An Ayurvedic Approach for management of Pre diabetes: A Case Study

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Ratnapravha Mishra, Prajakta Tomar


Modern lifestyle has brought in many diseases and disorders. They are commonly called as Lifestyle disorders. Diabetes is one of it very commonly found in India. In recent years there has been a alarming rise in diabetic patients. WHO has currently stated that there is an intermittent state between a normal person and a person diagnosed as diabetic. And this is the stage which can be reversed if diagnosed and treated early. Ayurved ancient text had already written about this stage where 20 types of prameha are mentioned out of which 10 are curable 6 types difficult to cure and last 4 types non curable.[1] Prediabetes is condition where blood glucose level are higher than normal but not high to be labeled as Diabetes.[2]This is many times a reversible condition from where the further progress of the disease can be arrested and normal metabolism can be achieved. Before the onset of Diabetes type 2 most of the people are always in stage Prediabetes condition where Blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet that high to be diagnosed as Diabetes. This condition is also referred as Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or Impaired fasting Glucose (IFG)[3]. A 40 year old female visited the OPD in department of Kaya Chikitsa, MIAER Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh with complaints of tiredness, weight gain with severe lethargy. After clinical examination and investigation done on basis of clinical examination she was diagnosed as a case of Pre Diabetes. She was treated with Dravaydi Capsules for 90 days. After completion of treatment her blood sugar levels returned to normal along with weight loss from 81 kg to 74.5 kg and she also revived her energy levels.     

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