Ethical Decision-Making for Sustainable Urban Transportation

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The paper deals with ethical decision-making for sustainable urban transportation.  Sustainable urban transportation has become one the most demanding problems in several metropolitans over the world. Managers are often faced with question how to solve a problem correctly. Problem solving depends on the level of competencies of managers. Furthermore, it is important to ask how ethical the decision is. This is also crucial for local councils, as they interact with both city residents, and the government and business. Therefore, there is a problem in achieving balance in the interaction of all stakeholders. The author points out that in order to form ethical decisions in public transportation is necessary to understand the problems that arise before decision-making. Ethical decision-making related with ethical issues in public transportation such as satisfaction needs of the citizens, business ethics, public-private partnership, ecological issues and safety issues. The information about situation in public transportation in Ostroh and Estonian towns is presented.

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