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R. Chandrasekaran, Dr. S. Vijayaraj, S. Prasath Alias Surendhar


Now a days, digital device usage has increased at higher rate among all the age group of people. In this pandemic situation, the world is going more digitally. From school children to elder age people, the work is going online. So, in a day, human eye is exposed to various lights of different wavelengths. People involve in watching movies, playing games, attending classes, doing projects, working on devices, reading notes and so on. This way their eyes will be strained a lot depending on the exposure of different waves with respect to time. These digital eye strains can cause computer vision syndrome with eye irritation, head ache, shoulder pain, depression, bad mental health and so on. IN order to prevent and alert the person from over exposure and eye irritation, I have proposed a prototype called smart goggle. This smart goggle contains LDR sensor that is attached with the spectacles that detects the amount and type of rays falling on the eye, transmits the signal through IOT and records the exposure rate with respect to time in the form of a graph in the respective subject’s smart phone. This provides the exposure rate of the subject to backlit devices and gives alarm when it crosses a threshold. This prototype can be potentially used to prevent digital eye strain.

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