Nipah - An Emerging Viral Zoonotic Disease: A Review

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Ozdan Akram Ghareeb, Awni Ismail Sultan


Nipah virus (Niv) is considered a high risk pathogen with zoonotic potential. Appearing zoonotic illnesses have possibly severe human health and economic effects. NiV can be a cause to different illnesses. For example, it can cause benign to serious encephalitis. It could also be a reason for fatal illnesses when infecting the humans' and animals' respiratory systems. Bats or domestic animals can transmit NiV to humans and can be transmitted among people. Here, we will review highlight some of the high-impact emerging Nipah disease, structure and zoonotic transmission of NiV, pathogenesis and clinical symptoms, then prevention and control. A preferable knowledge of the causes of spillover events, the strengthening follow-up systems to deter outbreaks is needed to reduce the NiV vulnerability .

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