IoT based Facial Recognition System for Visually Impaired People

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M. V. S. Bhargavi Swetha, Marella Lavanya, D. Usha Nandini


The healthcare area is actually among the most crucial aspects which are actually explored by many scientists to build the best system. Although there were many differences as well as revolutionary methods created, there are usually certain problems that demonstrate in the niche which must be resolved. In days or weeks that are previous, there had been plenty of functions that were not possible to do as well as had a lot of risk factors related to the affected person. In this specialized era that has been altered, extremely main businesses can also be completed with a lot of great ease. Increasing the variety of the public has additionally viewed a growth in the selection of individuals who are actually created visually impaired or perhaps drop their visual sight whenever they close to the older age period of theirs. It's always quite difficult for visually impaired individuals to exist in their life with no assistance. With this paper, we suggest a face recognition process which could be utilized by the visually impaired individuals. In order to reduce the quantity of ambiguity, we've suggested a design that is actually meant for utilizing different machine learning strategies as KNN algorithms. An innovative face detection, as well as recognition device, is created which could operate in a tiny form factor. The suggested effort is noticed working nicely when in contrast with some other existing programs and might be of usage that is very much for the visually impaired persons.

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M. V. S. Bhargavi Swetha, Marella Lavanya, D. Usha Nandini. (2021). IoT based Facial Recognition System for Visually Impaired People. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 17–22. Retrieved from