Smart Traffic Light System for Emergency Ambulance Using IoT

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Kumar P., Priya L., A. Sathya


Mishaps are one of the principle explanations behind losses in the greater part of the spots. The endurance paces of the individual included primarily rely upon how quick the patient is given clinical consideration, for which the crisis clinical faculty are to be dispatched to the scene at the earliest opportunity from the hour of the mishap. Right now, crisis helpline number (102) or the private clinic is reached to demand an emergency vehicle. The proposed framework causes the client to get an emergency vehicle as quickly as time permits regardless of how blocked or postpone the guide shows. With this framework at whatever point client books a rescue vehicle, all the closest accessible ambulances are assessed to locate the most appropriate emergency vehicle and medical clinic utilizing a course proposal calculation utilizing the separation, time recommended by Google traffic information and Raspberry PI power over traffic lights. The current CCTV camera will be utilized to handle the picture, when required at a quicker rate, to guarantee the traffic regulator fills in according to the thickness of vehicles. The expected need of the framework is to handily handle all the issues confronted like not influencing the customary traffic by giving a virtual green straight so that it benefits public patients and the progression of traffic.

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