Multiple Myeloma (MM) Morphological Investigation

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Natasha Parkes


Existing as a disorder of the clonal plasma cell, multiple myeloma (MM) exhibits variations in the clinical course with which it is associated, with frankly aggressive neoplasia reported in some cases and relatively indolent forms in others. Through the neoplastic cells accumulation and proliferation, the disorders clinical manifestations are reported. In this study, the main aim was to analyze MMs occurrence in the selected aspirate smears of the bone marrow. Other objectives included analyzing MM cell percentage in the marrow and using Bartls histological grading model towards reviewing bone marrow trephine biopsies. The motivation of the study was to examine tumor cell burden and growth pattern in bone marrow biopsies. Methodologically, the study focused on individuals clinically diagnosed with MM in PSG OPD. From the findings, based on 1663 bone marrow aspirates under examination, cases of MM were 54. A specific observation concerning the informative nature of the selected materials and methods was that when there is a combined evaluation pitying trephine biopsy and bone marrow aspirate, the approach exhibits superiority and promises more informative and accurate data, as each is independently diagnostic.

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