Iot Based Smart Dustbin

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Srinivasan P., Thiyaneswaran B., Jaya Priya P., Dharani B., Kiruthigaa V.


        All human being are throws waste in dustbin or some other different places. The waste are plastics, degradable and non-degradable. All people are trying to put the waste in dustbin or garbage bin only.  In cities, there are many public places where we see that dustbin or garbage bin are placed but there are overflowing. This create unhygienic condition in the surrounding. And it also create some serious diseases. At a same time, an odor extends throughout the city, and degrading the environment. Recycling bin is really a waste management processing, but they are limited space in a garbage bin, it does not require extra waste. Waste disposal is an efficient method of eliminating garbage disposed in commercial settings such as businesses, classrooms, colleges, shopping centers, and other public areas. We have to design the project, where the dustbin is fulled or not and the waste level of the trash bin is measured. The NodeMCU and the ultrasonic sensor is a hardware component for measuring the garbage bin. The software component is an IFTTT Webhook, and it is used to receiving a notification.The main concept of this project is when more than 70 percent of the garbage bin is filled, the IFTTT Webhook sends the notification and we receive the email.

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