Enhancement of Growth and Colour of Pangasius Sutchi with Anabaena Variabilis as Fish Feed

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Dr. R. Gyana Prasuna, Aishwarya Bandaru, Sayantan Bera


Fish form an important food resource for human beings. Both aquatic and marine fish have their own place in the human nutrition. Fish are also known for recreation as ornamental fish. The fish as part of human nutrition or as an ornamental delight require good nutrition for their growth. The marine fish are the major source of omega -3 PUFA required to be taken in diet (Saunders et al., 2013). These omega-3 PUFA are essential for healthy neuronal control and ageing (Swanson et al., 2012, Stark et al., 2016). The higher growth and better nutrition of the fish is thus required. By changing the environmental condition or by changing the mode of nutritional requirement of the fish the growth rate was tried to increase. But the cost for all these processes is very high and because of changing the physical and metabolic parameter, either toxic product is produced in the fish body or the quality of ornamental fish and the high nutritious quantity of the fishes used as food get decreased. We chose another way where the characteristics of the fish remain conserved without producing toxic product in a low-cost budget (Sarter et al., 2015; Chakraborty et al., 2015). Cyanobacteria like Anabaena variabilis which have the ability to scavenge nitrogen from the atmospheric dinitrogen gas often dissolved in water and the property of the antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, immunosuppressed, antioxidant, and antioncogenic activity, can be used as a live food source for the fish (Goncalves et al, 2016) . Anabaena variabilis does not produce any toxic products and the physical characteristics like color, length, bodyweight of fish gave a positive result on being taken as food. The nutritional value of fish and the metabolic content like protein, oil, fat also got enriched while Anabaena variabilis was used as a food source.

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Dr. R. Gyana Prasuna, Aishwarya Bandaru, Sayantan Bera. (2021). Enhancement of Growth and Colour of Pangasius Sutchi with Anabaena Variabilis as Fish Feed. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 7694–7704. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/2314