Mother’s Practice of Knowledge Concerning their Children under Five Years with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

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Maryam Abdul-Kareem, Mohammed Talib Abed, Hayder Mohammed


Background: Upper respiratory tract infection control and prevention are a global issue, particularly in developing countries. Mothers are the main caregivers for their children, so their behaviors may be used as a disease prevention technique.

Objectives: To identify the demographical characteristics of study sample, to explain the practice of knowledge mothers toward their children under five years that suffer from upper respiratory tract well as, to find out the relationship between demographical characteristics of study sample and their practice of knowledge.

Methodology: Quantitative research cross -sectional study design started from 4 November 2018 to 2 May 2019, the study conducted to identify the practices of mothers regarding their children with upper respiratory tract disease. Non- probability (purposive sample) about 50 mothers has been chosen according inclusion criteria for this study, all of them have children under 5 years with upper respiratory tract infection and was admitted in Al Noor Hospital for Children.

Results: The results of a study show the overall assessment of the study sample good assessment and fair assessment was 32% for each one while the poor assessment was 38%, and there is significant association between age of child, type of feeding, and practice of knowledge mothers concerning upper respiratory infection.

Conclusion: The study concludes that Adolescents to early adult's mothers lives at urban areas of Babylon Governorate. who graduate from primary school, and their children age was under one year, and most of them their children under artificial feeding.

Recommendation: The researchers proposed that special instructional and educational programs for mothers be conducted to inform them about the preventive measures that should be taken to avoid upper respiratory tract disease, as well as to enable them to breastfeed their children to avoid any infection that could be transmitted to the baby via artificial feeding equipment.

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