Using Colaizzi’s Method of Data Analysis to Explore the Experience of Undergraduate Students on Online Learning

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Dr. Sheela Upendra


Introduction:Online learning and physical learning is different experience. In physical learning students can interact with teachers and maintain human touch of learning, visually see one on one and interact with peer group also. Whereas in online all these components are missing.

Objective: To describe the Socio demographic Characteristics of Undergraduate Students of Pune city and to delineate Experiences of Undergraduate Students on online learning

Methods: Research approach was qualitative and descriptive phenomenological research design was used. This research design proposes the graduate students to get the lived experiences. Sample size used for the study were 10 graduate student from Pune city who are studying undergraduate colleges.  Data saturation has reached after tenth students and as no new theme were emerged from the interview so stopped taking the interview form students. Non probability purposive sampling technique was used. In-depth interviews was conducted which was lasted between 40 minutes to 60 minutes. Interview guide was used, field notes, observations and nonverbal expressions was recorded. Open ended questions used to probe and students shared the experience with honestly and sincerely. In the study qualitative rigor was maintained. ‘Bracketing’ was done by researcher and does not allowed her own feelings and experiences to interfere the experience and content of the study.  Triangulation and member checking was done. Dependability, transferability and authenticity was ensured in the study. Colaizzi’s phenomenological method (seven steps) of data analysis was strictly followed

Result:Four themes emerged from the study, they are lack of learning environment, less interesting, assignment pending and improved virtual communication

Conclusion:Online learning has affected the students and teachers community. As there is huge gap in providing the learning averment it affected the learning too. Home provides comfort  and lacks the learning environment it get impacted on the learning of students. The environment for learning is different at home from the college.

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