Photo Degradation of Congo Red Dye by Using New Nanocomposite

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Entisar E. Al-Abodi, Afrah Hashim


This studied is directed to  water treatment by using  developed   self-assembly method by    prepared a TFGO nanocomposite from limited amounts of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles, Iron oxide nanoparticles &Graphene oxide nanosheets. The  producting  material used as catalyst by applying it in advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to degradation of Congo Red (CR)  dye under solar light and that showed excellent synergy between photocatalysis and Fenton-like reactions. The prepared catalyst is stable over a wide range of temperatures, and can be easily extracted from solution and repeatedly used with little loss of catalytic activity. The photodegradation activity could be gained 93% at  existance of TFGO nanocomposite  as photocatalyst within 600 min.

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Entisar E. Al-Abodi, Afrah Hashim. (2021). Photo Degradation of Congo Red Dye by Using New Nanocomposite. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 6822–6835. Retrieved from