Highlights of the Analysis of Business Activity

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Mutabar Khodjayeva, Zafar Muqumov, Abduvakhidov Farkhod, Norkuchkorov Abdulaziz


The article outlines the main aspects of the analysis of the labor activity of economic entities, summarizes the scientific works of economists and gives practical recommendations for solving the problems of analysis of labor activity. In particular, the economic nature of labor activity, a system of indicators recommended by economists in its assessment, methods based on economic content and logical sequence were studied. In particular, the composition and structure of indicators of economic potential were analyzed and recommendations were made using the practical data of the research object of Auto Terra LLC. The share of current assets in the balance sheet assets of the analyzed enterprise during the reporting year was the main one. The company management should take the necessary measures to increase the volume of long-term assets. This will improve the capital structure of the company, increase its economic potential and have a positive impact on its financial condition. The article also considers the structure of the financial potential of Auto Terra LLC and provides practical recommendations. During the reporting year, the share of liabilities in the liabilities of the balance sheet of the enterprise played a key role. This situation can be assessed as negative. So in society there is a need for debt. Therefore, the analysis gives recommendations on calculating the ratio of own and borrowed funds. The implementation of these proposals in the practical activities of enterprises will increase economic efficiency and ensure financial stability.

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Mutabar Khodjayeva, Zafar Muqumov, Abduvakhidov Farkhod, Norkuchkorov Abdulaziz. (2021). Highlights of the Analysis of Business Activity . Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 6503–6508. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/2168