A Cross Sectional Study on Prevalence and Management of Fungal Sinusitis

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Pravilika P., Rajasekar M. K.


          Fungi are present everywhere in the environment and during normal respiration they get deposited in the nose, paranasal sinuses and respiratory tract. Sinonasal fungal disease was previously assumed to be a rare disease. There has been a dramatic increase in the cases reported in the past two decades. Fungal sinusitis may present in different forms and usual presentation is generally similar to that chronic rhinosinusitis. They are generally resistant to antibiotic therapy. Any age group can be affected but the presentation of the symptoms varies with the immune status of the patient. They can cause a wide spectrum of clinical outcomes ranging from nasal symptoms to intracranial complications and death. The diagnosis is generally confirmed intraoperatively or during pathological or microbiological evaluation.Fungi are ubiquitous eukaryotes. Most of them grow on soil and few as parasites of animals and humans. Fungal infections in human are opportunistic and there is increased prevalence in immune compromised patients. To assess the prevalence of fungal sinusitis in a selected population, the mode of presentationof fungal sinusitis in our study.

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