Breastfeeding Practices in Postnatal Women

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R. S. Iyswaria, K. Saraswathi, C. Veni


This study was done to evaluate the breastfeeding practices of mothers, in regards to the time of initiation of breastfeeding and duration of exclusive breastfeeding in postnatal mothers and reasons if it was discontinued before 6 months. Regarding developmental milestones of the babies, it was significantly achieved in exclusive breast feeding babies compared to nonexclusive breast feeding babies at 6 months (P<0.05). Incidence of ARI and diarrhea was high in non EBF compared to EBF (P<0.05). 90% EBF babies achieved adequate weight gain compared to 68 % in Non EBF. Set up counselling services / medical counselling camps especially targeting rural and remote areas. Such an effort also helps  to alleviate the ignorance among illiterate mothers

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R. S. Iyswaria, K. Saraswathi, C. Veni. (2021). Breastfeeding Practices in Postnatal Women. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 3575–3586. Retrieved from