Analysis of Gap between the NCHMCT Curriculum and Hospitality Industry Needs in India

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Mr. Mukul Dimri, Dr. Rakesh Dani


Hospitality industry is considered to be one of the largest profit generating industries of any of the progressive country as well as is considered to be the main contributor towards the national growth of an economy. In previous years, India has been urbanized and has witnessed the tremendous boom of hospitality sector. This industry in linked inextricably to the industry of tourism as well as growth in the tourism industry of India has been fueling the growth of the hospitality sector. The increased opportunity of business as well as the thriving economy in India has as well acted as the boon for the hospitality industry. This industry, today, has been shifting towards the services and products that are technologically interfaced. Even after a rapid growth of this industry in the previous four decades there still prevails an uncertainty in the context of expectations and needs of this sector for the hospitality graduates in this competitive market. As the well-known fact there still remains a considerable gap between the actual need of the industry and the teaching process of the educators in a classroom. Therefore the following paper analyzes different reasons present conceptually behind this gap as well as the factors that may help to bridge them. Information paper also indicate few of the common challenges and drawbacks which are identified by the hospitality graduates which is required by them in order to be able to effectively function in the sector of hospitality. The following article thus studies the gap between the means of hospitality sector in India and the curriculum of National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT).

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