Smart Helmet for Alcohol Detection to Prevent from Accidents

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Sreeja B P, Manoj Kumar.S, S. Sriram


A smart helmet is one of the types of shielding headgear, which is used by the riders to make bike driving safer than before. This proposed work is to prevent the two wheeler riders from accidents by alcohol detection this also includes fall detection features. Wearing helmet is compulsory for the riders, if the helmet is missed to wear then switch cannot get ON in the bike. A Bluetooth module as wireless link which able to communicate with Node MCU. While starting the bike if the rider getting drunk then it gets automatically explosion switch locked, and forward a message automatically to their registered mobile number with their current location also when accident occurs, it will send message to register numbers by GSM with their current location by GPS module.The individualeffectiveness of this proposed works is fall detection and making safety to the riders.

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Sreeja B P, Manoj Kumar.S, S. Sriram. (2021). Smart Helmet for Alcohol Detection to Prevent from Accidents. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 2808–2815. Retrieved from