Impact of Social Distancing in the Prevention of N-Cov Disease - A Review

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V. M. Kayal et al.


The review gives an overview on the impact of social distancing in the prevention of n-CoV disease. A thorough literature search was attempted to consolidate the effect of social distancing in prevention of n- CoV disease using search engines like Pubmed, Google Scholar. The articles ranging in between the time period 2000-2020 were screened and then were analysed for obtaining significant conclusions. The non pharmaceutical prevention methods have been effective in postponing the steepening of the covid curve in near future. However, rising public opposition to the quarantines owing to the lack of income, distrust in the government and deteriorating mental health has only furthered protests in many nations across the world. People have realised that without the discovery of any vaccine, the virus will simply spread once again when the quarantine is released and it is impossible for the quarantine to go on indefinitely. Perhaps the right move would be to re-open the economy while maintaining proper non-pharmaceutical infection prevention methods such as social distancing. To conclude, the present review throws insights into the implications of social distancing to prevent the spread of n-CoV-19 disease.

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