A Study on Discovering Malicious Nodes on MANET through Secure Intrusion Detection

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A. Suganya, S. Manoj Kumar, A. G. Vigneshwari


The transition from wired network to wireless network has created a tremendous technological boon worldwide.  Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is one among the applications of wireless network. This MANET does not require any access point for communication and hence is called infrastructure less connection. MANET haswide range of applications in critical areas like military, etc.The technology grows, it posses both pros and cons. If the communication between the nodes is considered as an advantage, then security in the communication is still a drawback. MANET is prone to several attacks by malicious nodes because of its wide distribution and wireless medium. Hence developing an efficient intrusion detection system is mandatory for protecting the MANET from the malicious attackers. But the prevention mechanism is not sufficient to ensure the security. It should be focused from the part before an attacker can attack and damage the system. Hence an efficient and prominent intrusion detection system is required to achieve the better security in MANET. This paper might help in surveying various intrusion detection mechanisms available. In this paper we aim to explore intrusion detection system for securing MANET, compare various intrusion detection system mechanisms.

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A. Suganya, S. Manoj Kumar, A. G. Vigneshwari. (2021). A Study on Discovering Malicious Nodes on MANET through Secure Intrusion Detection. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 2444–2452. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/1712