Awareness about Diet Patterns and Physical Activity among Orthodontic Patient Post Covid

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Dr. S. Ajrish George, Dr. Naveen


Background : The demand for orthodontic treatment has been increased in recent years. This is due to the highconscious of esthetics by the patient themselves. Most done treatment is fixed orthodontics. During fixed orthodontics, patients are often advised to follow certain dietary restrictions such as to eat soft food during the initial stages of treatment by the practitioner for preventing pain and discomfort which is usually caused by the appliance. This study involves in accessing the difference of level of awareness about dietary pattern among patients before and after COVID.


The aim of the study to access the awareness of patient for dietary plan for healthy lifestyle

Materials and Methods

This study involves collection of information from 100 individuals who is undergoing orthodontic treatment. An online survey platform was used and information was collected from the patient pre and post COVID.


A significant association between calorie and protein intake with BMI categories underweight, normal, overweight and obesity was observed. There was a significant association between excess calorie intake and BMI but not between physical activity and BMI.


Improper dietary habits including high calorie/protein intake was associated with increased BMI among the orthodontic patients. The role of regular physical activity alone as a single factor influencing variations in BMI among each persons could not be established in the study.

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