Eosinophiliccationic Protein Determination in Serum Samples of Patients with Otitis Media

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Saad Abdul-Raheem Hussein, Sawsan Hassan


Background:Eosinophiliccataionic protein (Ecp) also known as Ribonuclease III (RNase III) is a protein which have bactericidal and antiviral properties{1} . It is released by activated eosinophil.it is regarded as biochemical marker of inflammation.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to estimate the levels of Eosinophiliccataionic protein (Ecp) in the sera of patients with otitis media.

Methods:Sixty patients complaining of signs and symptoms of otitis media submitted for assessment (eleven patients had otitis media with effusion).All sera and effusion were included for estimation of Ribonuclease III and Alkaline phosphatase enzymes.

Results: Results found that levels of Ribonuclease III enzyme were increased in most of otitis media patientsincluding those with effusion.Alkaline phosphatase was also estimated and showed normal values,but it was absent ineffفهةشفثيand showed normal valueitis media patientsincluding those with effusinith effusin) all sera and effusion samples wereusion samples.Conclusion: From the results of this study we can concluded that Eosinophilic cationic enzyme (ECP) or Ribonuclese III is present in cases of Otitis media with or without effusion. The enzyme may be secreted from bacteria causing Otitis media or from eosinophil causing effusion which may indicate allergic reaction and cause. Further study of cases of otitis media with or without effusion, different sexes and age groups to confirm the presence and role of the enzyme.

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