Assessing the Outcomes of Cracked Teeth

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M. Dhakshinya, Anjaneyulu K., D. Ezhilarasan


Pressure from teeth grinding. Fillings as large as these undermine the tooth 's integrity. Chewing and biting hard foods, like ice, or hard candies, blows to the mouth might happen with a car accident, sporting injury, fall, or even a first fight Leads to fractured teeth. A thorough literature search was performed using the database  likePubmed, Google scholar, BioRxiv, MESH, Cochran database using the keywords ‘Assessment; Fracture; Teeth/Tooth; Treatment planning;  Outcomes ’ with no date and year restrictions. The language is restricted to English. 16 articles with similar data have been found which were analysed and have been included in this study. The recent articles discussed in this study help us in gaining further knowledge about assessment of the outcomes of cracked teeth and also to gain knowledge about the various types of tooth fracture and treatment plannings. In conclusion, cracked teeth are an underlying symptom of poor facial and growth development. Whilst it is often assumed that facial development and cracked teeth are purely genetically determined, modern environmental influences have a role to play.

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