The Impact of the Long Lockdown Period Due to Covid -19 on Education among School Kids-A Survey

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Pravalika, R. Gayathri, Gifrina Jayaraj, V. Vishnupriya


Aim and Introduction:
Coronavirus Pandemic has significantly disrupted various sectors in India as well as the whole world.The education sector is also affected.Schools and colleges temporarily started shutting down during the pandemic spread.There is a uncertainty when they will reopen.All this creates an impact on the student’s education.Asmillions of kids take online school classes from home globally including in India, government along with private education sector have a great responsibility to offer online e-Learning to more than 60 million college students and 1.5 billion school students worldwide.The aim of the study is to find how the long lockdown period has created an impact on the education among school kids
Materials and Method:
An online survey had been prepared with 17 questions regarding the topic and had been circulated to 100 random participants who were school children belonging to 6 to 17 years of age through an online website- google docs, who were school children.The participants were selected randomly.The statistics done using SPSS software, chi square test was done to check the association and a p value of 0.05  was said to be statistically significant..This survey was conducted in may 2020.
Results and Discussion:
From the data collected it was noticed that 66% of the participants feel that studies were affected during the long lockdown whereas the long lockdown did not affect the studies of 33% of the population.
E learning is one of the solution.But low- income private and government school counterparts have completely shut down for not having access to e learning solutions.Long lockdown period do have an impact on student’s education.The government must take measures quickly after the lockdown is over to access the education of children.

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Pravalika, R. Gayathri, Gifrina Jayaraj, V. Vishnupriya. (2021). The Impact of the Long Lockdown Period Due to Covid -19 on Education among School Kids-A Survey. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 1118–1136. Retrieved from