Serological and Molecular Detection of Brucella Melitensis, Wasit, Iraq

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Ghufran J. Shamkhi


The current study was carried out to identify the prevalence of Brucella melitensis infections in humans in Wasit province serologically using the Rose-Bengal test (RBT) and molecularly by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The venous blood samples collected randomly from totally 300 individuals into anticoagulant-EDTA plastic tube were tested initially by RBT, and the positive samples were confirmed later by the PCR assay. The findings revealed that 24.67% (74/300) of study population was serologically positives by RBT. Molecularly, there were 39.19% (29/74) positive individuals by the conventional PCR. Regarding the region, significant increases (P<0.0456) in positivity were reported in Al-Numaniyah (17.33%) while significant reduction was seen in Badra (8%) when compared to other study regions; Al-Kut (8%) and Al-Hai (10.67%). In relation to the study period, insignificant differences (P<0.0581) were detected between the positive values of August (8%) and September (11.33%). For sex, the positive higher values were identified significantly (P<0.0363) in males (12.21%) than females (3.45%). Among age groups, the findings of positivity were increased significantly (P<0.04) in >20-40 years old (9.8%) and > 40 years old (10.92%) than those of £20 years old (3.57%). In conclusion, the combination of different diagnostic methods provided more insurance and supported high reliably findings. Also, the application of molecular-PCR assays is of great value since it provides a more sensitive and specific data about the status of infection in addition to their ability in detection of organism in blood samples efficiently. In people and animals living in the same households, brucellosis allows for identification and quantification of risk factors for brucellosis transmission at the household level. However, the prevalence of infection in animal reservoirs can provide a key to its prevalence in humans; therefore, surveys of brucellosis in different domestic and wild animals are required

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