Impact of Diabetic Patient's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice toward Oral Health Attending in the Primary Health Care at Saudi Arabia 2023

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Samah Ahmad Gassim



Until now, little is known as to how well the evidence supporting the link between periodontal disease and diabetes is incorporated in the dental practice in Saudi Arabia , the two most prevalent and preventable non-communicable diseases, periodontal diseases and diabetes mellitus are inextricably linked. There exists a lacuna regarding the understanding, behavior, and perception of diabetic patients toward oral health. Despite the worldwide recognition of the dangers of diabetes mellitus, diabetic patients’ awareness of and attitudes toward their heightened risk for oral diseases has not been fully addressed. Oral hygiene behavior and seeking oral health care depend on a number of factors. Lack of knowledge about dental health and comply better with hygiene is among the reasons for non-adherence to oral hygiene practices, economical constrains, lack of facilities and lack of proper guidance , The link between oral health and general health has been increasingly recognized in recent years. The common oral diseases are of non-communicable type, two common NCDs are oral health problems and diabetes, and there is a bidirectional relationship between oral health and diabetes, diabetes can increase the risk of oral health problems such as gum disease, dry mouth, and thrush.

Aim of the study: To assessment Impact of diabetic patient's knowledge, attitude, and practice toward oral health attending in the Primary health care at Saudi Arabia 2023 . Method: cross sectional study conducted at outpatient dental clinics in primary health care center at Saudi Arabia in Sample population consists of Saudi out patients aged 20 <50 years attending. Our total participants were (300).

Results:. Show the age majority of the study groups from the 40-50 years were (38.0%), gender many of the respondents were female (59.0 %), regarding the perceived Oral Health status the majority of the respondents appears Poor were (45.0%), nationality the most of the participants answer Saudi were (85.0%).

Conclusion: Overall, people with diabetes have limited oral health knowledge and poor oral health behaviors. It is therefore essential to educate patients about their increased risk for oral health problems, motivate them for good oral health behaviors and facilitate access to dental care, on the other hand, inflammation caused by gingivitis and periodontitis makes it harder to control blood sugar levels, knowledge, attitude and practice towards diabetic were not well, but a significant proportion of the Oral Health felt screening may not be appropriate or important.

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