Covid- 19 Vaccine Side Effects and Its Associated Factors among Health Care Workers

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Omnia Saleh A. Abualnaja et. al


The global vaccination drive against the deadly viral disease has provided a sliver of hope for a return to normalcy. Factors associated with vaccine side effects are needed to be considered among health care workers. Aim: assess the prevalence and associated factors of the first dose covid-19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia among health care workers at king Abdel Aziz hospital, health centers (Alhagla, Alawaly, Alazizia) Makka in 2021. Design: descriptive cross sectional. Population: 200 health care workers at the above mentioned setting. One tool was used for data collection. Results: highest percentage of participant HCW were aged from 30-50 years, married, nurses, with more than 10 years of experience, no previous covid infection, hesitated to receive the first dose of vaccine because of its side effects, reported a safe perception regarding the vaccine. The most of them reported side effects in a form of headache, fever, myalgia, injection site pain and nausea. In relation to the incidence if side effects, differences were found in relation to age, marital status, profession and exposure to covid 19 patients. Ongoing education to HCW is recommended to follow the vaccination program and encourage others to receive the vaccine.

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