Assessment the Awareness of the Elderly Patient's Knowledge and Attitudes among Pneumococcal Vaccination in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2023

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Amal Abdullah Basarwan, et al.



        Pneumonia represents the leading cause of infection-related death and the fifth cause of overall mortality, in the elderly. With increasing age, the human immune system undergoes characteristic changes which lead to increased incidence and severity of infectious diseases and to sufficient protection following vaccination as antibody response of elderly vaccines are weaker and decline faster. the periodic assessment of adherence to vaccination recommendations is an essential component of any vaccination process, Limited data exist regarding pneumococcal vaccination coverage among the elderly in Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia. The role of vaccine acceptance has become increasingly evident. Yet, large-scale studies of the assessment of the on pneumococcal vaccines acceptance among the elderly are scarce. Hence, we assessed for the first time the current state of knowledge and pneumococcal vaccination coverage among the elderly and the role of health care educational intervention on the attitude, awareness, vaccine acceptance, and prompts for physician consultation regarding pneumococcal vaccines in Saudi Arabia.

Aim of the study: To assessment the awareness of the elderly patient's knowledge and attitudes among Pneumococcal vaccination in kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2023.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted among 300 participants from health care centers in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A validated self-administered questionnaire was used. It includes questions on socio demographic variables, knowledge, attitude, and vaccine response, during the August to September 2023.

Results: show regarding age most of participants > 80+ were (46.0%), gender majority of participants were(55.0%), marital status the most of participant were (49.0%) married, most of participant Primary school degree or below were (30.0%), occupation  most of participant working were (67.0%) while not working were (33.0%), regarding the Pneumococcal vaccination most of participant vaccinated were (67.0%) while Non-Vaccinated were (33.0%).

Conclusion: very low pneumococcal vaccination coverage was observed among the elderly in Saudi Arabia , the immunization education and recommendation is suggested to improve pneumococcal vaccine coverage among the elderly,  aside from introducing public awareness program about elderly vaccination at state level, free of cost vaccination of elderly individuals should be done pneumococcal vaccination in Saudi Arabia

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