The Impact of Workload Perception and Occupation Pressure on Medical Error Trends in Hospitals in the Saudi Arabia 2023

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Khalid Mohammed Alshahrani.



Health systems researchers are beginning to address nurses 'workload demands at different unit, job and task levels; and the types of administrative interventions needed for specific workload demands;Nowadays, medical errors rank definitely first among the issues occupying the health care sector most. Medical errors are one of the important issues emphasized in Saudi Arabia like other countries around the world. One of the basic causes of this issue’s significance is primarily about human life and human health. The errors made intentionally or unintentionally threaten a human’s life. The suspension of practices, knowledge and skill deficiency of healthcare employees, wrong practices, intense workload, inadequacy in patient care and communication between team members spring from medical . medication errors are defined as ‘any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient, or consumer,’ which may also result in considerable economic burdens.

 Aim of the study:To assessment the impact of workload perception and occupation pressure on medical error trends in hospitals in the Saudi Arabia 2023.

Method: This study is a cross sectional descriptive study . This study was conducted between September and December 2023, with medical workers employed at  hospitals affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Health , will be carried among the study population constitutes the  medical staff in hospitals registered.

Results: that most of the participants (51.0%) were in the age group(41-55) years, nationalitythe majority of participant are Saudi were(83.0%), willingness to work the majority of participant answer Yes were(74.0%), Salary satisfaction  the majority of participant are Sufficient were(68.0%), Taking official leave the majority of participant answer No were(79.0%).

Conclusion.Work time management  also be considered as human factors to satisfy the needs of medical staff , such as securing meal times and maintaining a low level of weekly overtime,that on medical staff’ perception of work stress and work overload affects medical error attitudes. The overall average scores of medical staff on the scales of individual workload perception, occupational stress, and medical error attitude are directly proportional; the current workplace environment could increase the risk of stress among health care professionals.

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